Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yet another tool we use: As I was reading over proposals and budgets, I came across the WASH LogFrame*, or Logical Framework. We developed our own LogFrames for a hypothetical project during our coursework in Colorado, and, as the Problem Tree, it was somewhat hard to fully understand the application of this tool in the real world. When I saw the LogFrame in an ACF document, I emailed two friends who had worked with me on the project in school. I asked if either had a copy of the LogFrame we developed in class, and the reply was this:

“Yeah, it's pretty fun to actually see a bit of usefulness from grad classes :) I used the Nepal logframe as the base for a China project logframe [that I am working on].”
Who would have thought that we would both be using such a tool, and would so soon see it in action?

(*There is a good, in-depth document published by AUSAID on LogFrames that can be accessed here. Page 5 is a general overview of what goes into the LogFrame.)

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