Monday, June 7, 2010

Garden Soil

Yesterday was a holiday (Hero's Day, and the last holiday until October) but I was informed that there was a scheduled meeting with one of the District Water Officers from a region we work in. I didn’t really mind meeting him on a holiday, I had nothing else to do. Originally, I was told he was coming at 8:00, but an email said 9:00. Just to be sure, I was ready to go just in case he came at 8:00. When 9:00 rolled around, I told the guard that someone was coming to meet with me. By 9:30, he hadn’t shown, and wasn’t answering his phone. I finally reached him at 10:15 – “Yeah, well, today is a public holiday, so I got confused,” (and didn’t let me know). So we rescheduled for today. We’ll see what time he turns up.

After waiting around, I decided I wanted to start my garden. I have been dreadfully bored lately, so I figure a garden will be something to do, tend to, take up some time. I picked a spot in the corner of our huge lot, near my house. The only tools I could find was a hoe and a rake, so hoeing up the grass was tough going. I didn’t want to lose the dirt that I was digging up, so I would stop every five minutes to squat down and shake soil lose from the clumps of grass I was dislodging.

It wasn’t easy going, the sun beating down in the mid-day light, and I quickly formed blisters on my hands from the semi-inappropriate tool I was using to dig. But I managed to make a small plot, only 1 meter by 1.5 meters, but it is a start, and I can plant a few seeds to get started. The soil is sandy clay, which worries me a little about drainage with so much clay. But, as I said, we’ll see how it goes. I have no idea how quickly the seeds will sprout, or if the torrential rains we get every few days will wash away the delicate seeds, but it’s all an experiment.

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