Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oyoo Orengo!

Today (yesterday) was a lovely Saturday. I spent the morning chatting with T, then convinced myself that running was needed that morning. I really need to get ready and on the road without thinking about it, or else I won’t go. I really don’t like running – I spend the entire time thinking about how slow time is going, and no matter how hard I try, that is the only thing I can think about. A minute takes SO long! So after a nice 20 minute run (hey, at least I ran 20 minutes!), I tended to the garden. Because the plot I dug up was formerly grass, little sprouts are popping up all over, so it takes some attention to maintain. I have little tomato plants! I barely do any work on the garden, and yet, the warm, moist soil and consistent rain makes little happy tomatoes! Onions are sprouting as well, which makes me have to pay attention when pulling out the grass – onion spouts look very similar to grass!

I knew I had a huge amount of work to do today (even though it’s a Saturday) but I really didn’t want to sit in my office. So I took one of the vehicles and drove into town (I am allowed to drive now!) and went to CafĂ© Larem, ordered a cappuccino, and worked. I got a lot done, chatted with a young volunteer working with Save The Children, and went to the store. I got a call from the head of our Logistics department, asking if I could take the vehicle to the Total station for fueling – the guys were already there. I dropped off vehicle 80 and picked up 83, and was confused – why are there only two pedals!?! Realizing it was an automatic, I laughed, and drove back to the office.

I sat down to rest and eat a mango, and heard scratching. Looking over to our shelves, I noticed the lid of the oatmeal box moving. Scratch, scratch…! I knew we had a little mouse living in our house, so I grabbed the box and brought it outside. With Michael looking over my shoulder confused, I put the box on the ground and opened it up. After a little encouraging, the little mouse ran out, darting here and there until he could find something to hide under. “Oyoo orengo!” shouted the guard with a laugh (“The mouse is running!”). I gave the full box of oats to the guard – this will make a good meal for the two dogs!

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