Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Universe

There are a lot of things I haven't written about in a while, and most of my posts tend to be explorations of this new continent and it's people. But I just have to talk about yesterday...!

A couple of ACF Food Security guys have been in Gulu the last week, interviewing and hiring for a new program. We all went out to Ethiopian food for dinner, and headed to BJs bar for the weekly Thursday Quiz Night. I had invited an American women I met and her husband to come along and join our team. When The Universe sat around our table on the comfortable couches, we were:

-  1 Ethiopian
-  1 Nigerian
-  1 Britain
-  1 German
-  1 French
-  1 Canadian, and
-  2 Americans

No Ugandans, but that didn't matter. The first round we earned a whopping 9/10 point, only to be let down with 6/10 in the next round (Geography). The third round, Movies, we danced and cheered as the results came back - 10/10! And then, to let us down, the fourth and final round only gave us 5 points. "30 point - there's no way we won. Too bad."

We were pretty hard on ourselves - until they started reading the results. 14th place only had 4 points - ok, we were a little better than that. As she went up the line, we became more and more elated. "In third place, with 22 points..." Wow, third place only had 22 points??? "And now, the two two teams remaining, The Universe and Team B, the winner is, with 30 points..."

We didn't even wait for her to say our name. We broke out in cheers and dancing! We won ourselves a crate of 20 Nile Gold beers, but seeing it was already almost 12:00, and we had all already had enough drinks, there was no way we could drink all those! I had to strike a deal with the bar manager, putting down a deposit on the bottles and promising to return them Saturday (we are having a going away party for the Frenchman Friday night). We returned home, happy, tired, and optimistic about next week's trivia...

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