Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I have been so busy with work lately, reports, proposals, planning, logistics, workshops, and the list goes on. After a long day out in the field as day one of four in a training, I returned to the base, tired, hungry, and confused. A large, healthy, beautiful tree that used to provide much needed shade during the afternoon tea was uprooted during a combination of severe wind and rain through the day. Once a symbol of life and growth, the tree lay wilting as rain weighted down it's dying leaves. Perhaps it was because I was so tired, or that I had to catch up on all the days work that comes from being out of the office, but I felt down, depressed, de-rooted from the fallen tree. Nature has always given me hope, inspiration, life and energy, provided me the strength through meditation when I felt disconnect. So to see this tree, lifeless and alone, really got to me. Rest in peace, tree, and may you someday provide firewood for family stoves.

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