Thursday, September 30, 2010

More Zanzibar

I didn't really talk much about Zanzibar, other than the doors. The first night we arrived, we found that the park in the middle of town comes to life at sunset - even during Ramadan. Some tens of locals come out with freshly caught seafood, chappatis, skewers of meat and veges and fruit, fresh juices and more, and hawk and call to passing mzungus to flirt with their delicious entrees. Each table invites passers to a new idea of how to cook the crab or lobster, or mix it with papaya or pineapple for a truly island taste. We didn't indulge in the delicacies, mostly because we already had plans for supper, but the sight was something to see.
The second day in Zanzibar we traveled to our beach getaway on the west coast, traveling precarious roads on the local transport (yes, cheap, but worth the speeds? We're not so sure...). We were greeted with fresh passion fruit juice and local flowers on the bed. The air was warm, the sweet smell of the ocean reminded me of childhood summers in Connecticut. We unloaded our things and headed for a walk on the beach. The pure white sand, the turquoise and aquamarine waters, the palm trees swaying in the breeze - it felt like something out of an advertisement. The landscape really was beautiful, and encouraged relaxation and doing nothing. The staff at our quiet little resort - maximum 25 people, though we only saw about 15 - were incredibly friendly, always smiling, always attentive.

We went diving two days during the six we were there, floating among schools of tropical fish in a marine reserve off the shores of the exclusive Mnembe Atoll. The rest of the trip was resting, reading, going to sleep at eight and waking at seven. It was an amazing, relaxing beach holiday, and it would have been wonderful alone, but was even better with a companion. :)

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