Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Growing Garden

It has been a while since I sent an update on my garden. Oh how it grows! Just to see the change as I look back at old pictures, and to see how much it grew during my week away! It is so exciting, and it really does amaze me. Think about that tiny little seed, all that energy stored up in there, the ability to explode with life! I counted 42 tomatoes yesterday, but I noticed a few more this morning...if even a quarter of them ripen red and survive, I will be elated! My cucumbers are happily climbing up the wire towards the bamboo - with a little training, much as the curiosity of a small puppy, my cucumbers want to spread, want to grow with the peppers and tomatoes, want to block the sun for the thirsty cabbages. But I am training them, and while no cucumbers yet, the bright yellow flowers promise delicious fruits in no time!

A friend just gave me one of his basil plants - a full grown one. The transfer was a bit traumatic for the poor Mr. Basil, we put him in a lovely large tin can, but it posed to be a bit of struggle to get him out. But a day later, he seems to be perking up a little, not that droopy Mr. Basil I saw yesterday. What a negative little guy he was during that transfer! But he seems ok now ;)

I can't find herbs or leafy greens seeds here, particularly my craving for arugula (rocket) that has gone unquenched. So if anyone wants to mail me some, let me know and I will gladly plant them! My little onions are becoming big onions - sort of. The biggest is still smaller than a nickle, but they're growing! I planted some more onion seeds, so there are baby onions popping up all around, how fantastic!

Admittedly, though, growing a garden here is so easy. I almost never water - it rains every day or two, and the sun is warm and refreshing. All I need to attend to is a little weeding here and there. Ah, my tomato leaves are turning brown! Anyone know an organic something I can put on them? I'd rather not spray them, though all the Ugandans keep telling me I should.

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