Wednesday, November 9, 2011

back to KTM

From Seattle to LAX, on through Seoul and finally to Kathmandu. The flights were relatively uneventful, other than the woman behind me who may as well have been a five-year-old, the way she kicked and banged and spoke way to loudly for the confines of an airplane. Our Country Director was waiting for me when I arrived in Nepal, though the relentless taxi drivers still seemed to push their product, even after confirmation of our own means of transportation.

After a quick drive to Patan and a splash of water on the face, we set about discussing the next 10 days here in Nepal - expectations, activities and planning. I went to bed exhausted and jet-lagged only to snap awake at 3 am to a dogfight (a bark-off?). I finally pulled out of bed around 5:30 and sat on the roof for sunrise over the valley. I have never been to Nepal at this time of year, and was pleasantly surprised by the tips of the snow-capped mountains sparkling white in the early morning light.

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