Monday, April 30, 2012

Hygiene Training: Glitter Hands

Glitter Hands:

Yet another fun Hygiene activity. While students are busy listening to the lecture about how germs spread in the environment, Shruti sneaks to the back of the room to cover her hands in glitter glue and paint.

After the teacher has finished discussing the topic with the students, Shruti thanks students for being such good participants, asking such thoughtful questions, and being so engaged. She shakes their hands.

It doesn't take long for them to realized their hands are sparkling, "tili tili!" and green paint covers their palms. Excited, they run around, shaking hand, grabbing arms, admiring the glitter shining on their hands. They proudly show them off.

This leads to a discussion about germs - "What does the glitter and paint represent? When you shake hands with your friend, give them a high five, or hold their hand, does the glitter transfer on to their hand? If this was germs instead of glitter, would the same thing happen? And what if you didn't wash your hands before eating? Would you then eat the glitter? The germs?"

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