Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hygiene Training: Washing Hands

Washing Clean Hands:

One of the favorite activities by the students is the demonstration of washing "clean" hands. We ask the class, "Who has the cleanest hands? Let's vote." The student with the cleanest hands is invited to the front of the room, where we have two clear glasses with clean water.

Using a small bucket, the student rinses her hands into the bucket with one of the glasses of water. That water is then poured back into the original glass.

Compare the two glasses. Ask the students, "Didn't you tell me her hands were clean? Here you go, have a drink! No? You don't want to drink this water? Why not?" The students are amazed, they laugh, they love it.

Next, ask one student to come up and just rub her fingers together a little in the water. One, two, six times. If you look closely at the photo below, you will see the water is a little cloudy below the student's fingers. Each time, just a little dirt from her hands is transferred to the glass. Ask the students about the tea stall down the road - how many times do you think the owner puts his hands into the food each day? Does he wash his hands ever time before he hands you a samosa?

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