Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hygiene Training: Salty Water

This is a great activity to teach students that there can be things in the water that you cannot see. This idea came my friend, Maria, who had done a similar activity with students in Eastern Nepal. All you need in two glasses of clean water and some salt. We also used a spoon to pour into the students mouths.

Two glasses are filled with clean, fresh water. One instructor leave the room and adds salt to one glass. Both glasses look the same. She walks around the room giving each student a taste of both the fresh water and the salty water. No change in facial expressions with fresh water...
But when they taste the salty water (and this water is very salty!), they giggle, they gag, they try to hold it in to not spoil the surprise for the other students. Can you tell me which is the salty one? Is it the one on the right? Yes? No? Wait, what about the one on the left? There can be things in water that you cannot see - in this case, it's just salt. But what about germs? Can you see those?

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