Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Debre Birhan

We drove north of Addis yesterday about two hours to Debre Birhan to visit a site. The landscape is much different that driving south - we were at 9,600 feet elevation, with rolling hills and valleys. The land was covered in waving golden and green wheat, interspersed with patches of deep green lentils. I took pictures, but it really could have been anywhere-America, save the donkeys and mud huts.

We visited a kindergarten while we were there, and 65 singing and laughing kids can really make you happy! They were practicing their ABCs when I came in, so I tested their knowledge (and tricked them a little by jumping around letters). They happily showed me the regional dances from all over Ethiopia, and laughed hystirically as I tried to imitate the dance moves. (Apparently I was very good at one, and they were convinced that regional mayor would never let me leave if I showed them my dance!)

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