Friday, December 7, 2012

School Days

Yesterday we visited a site that we are installing a system in this month. The school is on a hill, and the topography and layout of the campus (spread over 3 areas), makes it difficult for us to select on central location for the water system and station.

 school kids smiling for the camera

There are 2 main parts to the school, the lower part for kids from grades 4-6, and the upper part for kids from KG-3 and 7-8. We decided that the best place for the station would be in the upper area - it would serve the most and the youngest kids.

kids drinking from the existing water station

There is an existing water station in the main part of the school that is old and broken. We are planning to decommission that station, and build a new station on the wall where the kids are lined up below.

the new water station will go along the yellow wall, the old station on the left

The KG has a separate compound inside the main school. As it's downhill from the new water station location, we are going to bury a pipe the short distance to the KG and build a small water station for the KG, next to their dining area. This will let the youngest kids have access to hand washing and drinking water.

a small water station will be built on the blue wall for the kindergarten

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