Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Dry Season

A rare flat part of Namsaling, covered in mustard.
The weather this time of year in Nepal is cold, but that makes for perfect day hiking. Cool enough that it doesn't get too hot, but warm enough for a t-shirt. And no rain! It also means it's the dry season, so the colors aren't as vibrant green walking around, but the mustard flowers are amazingly bright.

Only a few of the terraces are planted during the dry season. In May, the rains will come.
Most of Namsaling is steep, and farming is hard. A few places the land levels out into perfect land for terracing. In May, the monsoon will bring heavy rains and flood the terraces, making them perfect for growing rice.

The dry terraces will be planted with rice in the coming monsoon season.

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