Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Who Has the Cleanest Hands?

One of the activities we do with the students in the Student Association for Hygiene Awareness ("safha" means "clean" in Nepali) is we ask who has the cleanest hands. After the class votes on the cleanest hands, we ask that student to come to the front of the room. 

We start with two identical glasses of water, see, they are the same. Using one glass, we pour the water over the student's hands, asking her to wash her hands.


After the water is finished and her hands are sparkling clean (we do not use soap in this activity), we pour the water from her washed hands back into the original glass. Very clean hands, right? Would you like to take a drink of this water? No? Why not? I'm just waiting for that one daring crazy kid who says he will drink the water, but so far, they all say no.

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