Sunday, October 13, 2013

Business Card Case

You've seen all the fancy business card cases, silver engraved with your initials. Well, I didn't want to throw down so much on a box, plus we didn't have any time. T was on his way to a conference and needed a box quick! [I forgot to take pictures in the making, but it's pretty straightforward]

Here's what I used:
-  part of a cereal box
-  leftover contact paper (the sticky paper used for lining shelves, etc)
-  brads / eyelets (I had to hammer mine in)
-  piece of elastic (for the strap)
-  nice paper for the lining

Here is the result, what do you think? It took about 15 minutes. I guess someone even commented on it at the conference :) I also made the business cards!

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