Sunday, October 20, 2013

DIY Dress Form

Because I sew, I've wanted a dress form for a long time. Well, they can be pretty expensive, so I looked online for a tutorial. Turns out it's pretty easy to make one that fits my shape perfectly! Now just need to find some duct tape...

What you'll need:
-  1-2 rolls of duct tape (I used silver and then covered it with blue)
-  old t-shirt
-  a good friend
We found it easiest to prep the duct tape beforehand. We cut a bunch of strips about 2 feet long and taped them up everywhere. I wore the shirt, and we got to taping. After we taped everything up and covered it with blue, we cut up the back of the duct tape (including the old shirt!). Pulled me out, and taped up the back. I stuffed it with old newspapers so it keeps shape.

Also, I made the mistake of leaning forward when we were taping - it left a big crease and deformed the form a little. That's what I get for trying to tape myself. Best to let your partner do all the taping!

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