Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dancing Shoes Turned Gold

I love to dance. Any time I hear music, it's hard not to tap my feet. So when I recently had the chance to head down to the great city of New Orleans for a bridal shower, I knew we'd have fun. The friend who was getting married also loves to dance, and I knew it would be a LOT of dancing. Well, I guess I kick my feet a lot when I dance, because the shoes that I wore got a little beat up that night.

A month later came the wedding - I didn't have any shoes! The bride suggested gold shoes would look nice with my dark purple dress (plus the dress was long, so the shoes would barely be visible). So I spray painted them!

I bought a can of gold Rust-Oleum from the local hardware store, just regular paint. I covered the heel and bottom with tape so they wouldn't get paint on them. At first, I thought I wanted to keep the strap brown, but after a quick coat of paint and checking how it looked, I decided they would look better all gold. I stuffed the inside with newspaper to keep the paint out.

I applied three or four coats, making sure to paint the bottoms so they were all covered. How did they turn out? Well, the ladies from the bridal shower couldn't believe they were the same shoes!

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