Saturday, February 1, 2014

A New Minoru

I have been coveting eyeing the Minoru Jacket for months and months. There are so many beautiful examples out there, like this one from Lladybird, this one from KristenMakes, and this one from Very Purple Person. Moving to the East Coast, I definitely felt fall, and needed an appropriate light-but-not-too-heavy jacket. Enter the Minoru.

My favorite two I have found were made by Four Square Walls and Savory Stitches. Absolutely beautiful. So I set out in search of medium-weight wool suiting, preferably blue (yes, I was going to try to copy Four Square Walls exactly, even down to the paisley lining). I was extactic when I found an Amazon Local deal for 50% G Street Fabrics - I knew they would have something I was looking for. I settled on this navy/white wool herringbone. Fabulous.

I loved how Savory Stitches attached the hood directly to the collar and made it three panel, so I did the same. The hood itself was a project - there were a lot of notes that the hood was huge, so i grabbed a jacket out of the closet (my husband's ski jacked), and traced the hood. Still ended up pretty big...

Rocket Sews gave me the idea to add a placket behind the zipper. If I had used a metal zipper (oh how I wish I had!), it would be especially important in cold weather!

I also added welted pockets, which were terrifying. I had never done them before, and I was so scared to cut into the middle of my jacket! (It took me about a week to actually start cutting the pattern, I didn't want to mess up the beautiful wool I bought!). I followed a very helpful tutorial by Sewalongs for the welts. I made HUGE pockets to fit my phone, wallet, whatever else, and lined them with some stash fabric my mom bought in Pakistan - in 1985!

The lining was another challenge. I really loved the blue paisley the Four Square Walls had used, and I wanted something soft. After buying and returning fabric from JoAnn, I finally found the purple. I also moved the inside pocket up, just seems like a more accessible spot for a pocket.

There are a few changes I need to make, like the width of the bottom. I think I made a size (or two) too big, and the bottom of the jacket could be brought in about 4 inches to make it more fitted. If When I make another, I will use a metal zipper. I am still toying with the idea of ripping out the one I put in and...nevermind. Too much work! Overall I'm really happy, I have been wearing it all the time!

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