Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Juba, South Sudan

Juba, South Sudan from the air.
It has been a very long time since I wrote an update about "WASH" - Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. I just arrived in Juba, South Sudan for a 3 month position as WASH Coordinator. I will be based in Juba (the capital) and traveling frequently to work in the camps in the north. Fighting broke out in the eastern part of the country in December, and IDP (internally displaced people) camps have swelled. Look forward to more posts over the next few months!


  1. Hi there, thanks for sharing! Love your blog. Who knew you were so creative. Hope you are enjoying Juba and look forward to hearing about your adventures. Miss you in Dupont, I gave a happy buck in your honest last night. Cheers, Miel

  2. Thank you, Miel! I hope everything there is wonderful!