Saturday, May 24, 2014

Our Turkish Holiday

Oh, blog! I almost forgot you were here! I get so stuck in the day-to-day, that most things don't seem worth blogging about. I guess while it seems all the same to me, it's not to you out there.

At my 2-month point in my mission, I was entitled an R&R. Years ago, T and I met up in Zanzibar while I was working in Uganda. This time? Turkey! It was a short trip, but I spent a few days in Istanbul, met up with T, and we headed to the beach - Ölüdeniz on the Aegean Sea. We had hoped to go diving, but it's spring and the water cold, and a 7mm wetsuit without a hood or booties didn't seem that fun. And while we had a few days of sunshine, there was also rain. Jumping into a cold ocean in the rain didn't seem relaxing.

Below, a few pictures from our trip. A much needed vacation for both of us.

A dip in the sea, a cold, yet refreshing swim.

Paragliders landed dangerously close to hand-holding couples strolling the beachside.

The way the pine forests spilled into the turquoise sea was breathtaking. The mountains were dry, the sun hot, but the water cool and refreshing. It reminded me of Colorado, if you were to drop it down in a Caribbean island.

Our hotel, perched on the rocky mountainside, just steps to the beach. A castle-like architecture, with stone arches draped in magenta bougainvillea, surrounded by pine cones and palm trees.

The clouds came the second day, but the beach was just as stunning. A storm rolled in row after row of crashing waves, smashing the rocky beach.

And the sunsets, full and bright, coloring the water and hillsides with oranges, pinks and reds, complemented our dinner alongside the beach boulevards.

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