Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Zimbabwe Footbridge Project

Zimbabwe Footbridge

When I was living in Seattle, I joined a local Rotary Club (the very fun club of Lake Union!). When I moved to DC, I wanted to continue my work with Rotary, so I joined another very cool club, the Dupont Circle Club.

My club has recently joined forces with the club of Harare City in Zimbabwe. The Harare City Club was approached by the principals of the Chemhondoro Primary and Secondary Schools about their need for a life-saving footbridge. More than 450 students cross the Shavanohowe River daily to reach the schools, however, the rainy season floods the river and makes it nearly impossible to cross. Children have been swept away trying to cross the river, and parent spend hours each day supervising the dangerous crossing. This is not only terrifying, but takes away valuable time that parents need for household chores and livelihoods.

The communities around the school have come together to form a committee to oversee construction of the footbridge, and are working hard to find donations. The initiate that the community has taken - independently from any outside funder or intervention - indicates their commitment to seeing this project succeed. It is one of the truly bottom up projects I have seen.

Interested in helping out?? GREAT! Our Rotary clubs are currently seeking donations for this project, in hope we can begin construction once the rainy season ends (near the end of this year). Check out our GoFundMe page to donate, or contact me for more information.

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