Monday, September 29, 2014

Giant Acorn Triathlon

Setting up our bikes in transition, waiting for the race to begin.
On a cool Saturday morning, we pulled into Lake Anna State Park for my second full triathlon. It was 46 degrees, and my hands were already numb. I didn't want to get out of the car. I didn't want to rack my bike or pick up my chip, and most definitely did not want to get in the water. But I did get my chip and rack my bike, and just as I was laying out my running shoes, the sun started to peak over the surrounding trees. My hands were a little less cold, and the water didn't feel quiet so bad (actually, the water was 74 degrees, so at that point, it felt warm!)

Testing the water temperature before the race.
Our wave was scheduled to start at 9:12. A beach start (aka mass start), the bull horn rang and we were off. It was a rectangle: out to one buoy, right, to another buoy, right, and back to the beach. There was a small jog up hill to the transition, followed by a beautiful 16-mile ride through the rolling country roads of Virginia (and they didn't close the roads to traffic - I felt bad for some of the drivers sitting behind 30 bikers, going 15 miles an hour).

A probably-dangerous (though no one was around!) selfie on the bike course, mile 9.
The run started with a pretty brutal up hill, but quickly leveled out. And to make up for it, the last half mile was on a path through the woods, with a steep downhill, all the way into the finish line. It was perfect weather and a beautiful race.

At the finish line on a gorgeous day.

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