Friday, September 12, 2014

Nation's Triathlon

Over the weekend, I had the honor of racing in the Nation's Triathlon in DC with AGE Africa and the Malawian Embassy Team. Advancing Girls Education (AGE) provides scholarship to girls in Primary and Secondary school in Malawi. These scholarships allow girls to attend school when they might not have been able to, offers leadership opportunities for girls, and provides mentoring for Malawi's future leaders. AGE has been racing relays at Nations for several years, and it is their primary fundraising mechanism for the organization. This year, they not only met their goal, but exceeded it, raising $143,000 that will provide 170 girls with scholarships.

They were looking for bikers for their relay teams, so through my triathlon team, I heard about AGE and volunteered. I was ready for my Sprint ride (15 mile). It was a gorgeous day in the nations capital on race day. It had rained the night before, so the weather was cool (and they canceled the swim because the Potomac was, um, not fit for swimming [aka, combined sewerage overflow]). Don't mind the camera phone pics...

On race day, I met up with my runner, and noticed her bib did not say "Sprint", but said "Olympic". That means a 24 mile ride (and 6 mile run for her). The waves for the Olympic had already started (I wasn't planning on starting for another 2 hours!) so I rushed my gear to my bike, and lined up. I had time to call T to let him know I was starting - now. Here are the photos he got of me around mile 6:

Hmm...slow camera and not a lot of time! At least I smiled for the camera :) The ride was great. Pretty flat, and not that exciting (they said something about "spectacular views of the monuments", but there really wasn't much of anything, especially up and down Rock Creek Park [twice]). I'm really glad I was able to participate, and maybe I can do the full Tri next year! I have one more race coming up at the end of September (a Sprint), so I'm still in training mode for Giant Acorn.

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