Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Holidays in the Midwest

Snow. Cold. Unbearably gray. That's how it's supposed to be in Northern Minnesota in December, right? Well, it was raining. The ground was brown (yes, that's right, NO snow). It was in the 30s. Actually not that bad. The Lake was frozen a foot deep, with almost 2 inches of standing water on top. While it was fun skating around and looking like we were water skiing, we found out that ice skates are not waterproof.

We drove into the middle of North Dakota the day after Christmas to visit some relatives. The temperature dropped as we drove, and dropped and dropped. It was 14 degrees and raining, the water instantly freezing on the windshield. It was not that fun of a drive.

By the time we got back to Minnesota, it was in the single digits, dropping below zero over night. But the next morning, the skies were sparkling blue (which also means cold), and the water on the lake had frozen over perfectly smooth. I had about 20 minutes to play around on the ice (being a California girl, this whole frozen lake thing is pretty exciting).

The moisture that had collected on the trees from the rain/mist had frozen, and everything sparkled. When the wind rustles the trees, small showers of glitter rained down in the yard. Everything seemed luxurious and fresh.

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