Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I can't really say that this move was sudden, or that we felt rushed to box things up and get ready. We had moved out of our rental in July, and had been in temporary housing, living out of suitcases since. It was exhausting.

When we finally did get a Pack-Out date, we were thrilled. Then terrified. All of our possessions were stored in a friend's basement. How would we get the moving company to pack and move all of our stuff, without accidentally packing our friend's things?

A week before the pack out, we took over the basement. We moved all of their things to one side and organized our stuff into piles. There was the pile of things that were getting packed in unaccompanied luggage, baggage that would be sent by plane independent of us, to arrive soon after (or hopefully before?) us. This was the essentials, the stuff that we would want right away. Extra clothes, some dishes, games. Then there was the consumables pile. This is where we had our olive oil, toilet paper, mac 'n cheese, ibuprofen, Martinelli's sparkling cider, any anything else that could be consumed [we still don't know how those get here. By plane? Ship? Truck?].

The third pile was our Household Effects. This was everything else we owned that was coming. The Kitchen Aid, our dishes, a badminton set, camping supplies, decorations. We don't know how long that will take, but it's literally shipped via ship. Some says it takes two month, some say four. But they all agree it's like Christmas when it arrives (and a lot of: why on earth did we pack this?!?). Then there was the long-term storage pile. I'm not sure about this one. Why do we have all this stuff, if it's just going to be stored for two years? Do we even need it??

There was another pile as well, and this was our checked luggage. This was mostly the clothes we would need right away, and a few other things. We protected that, away from the quick hands of the movers. Don't want anything super essential showing up in four months.

The pack out took all day, mostly because, for liability, the movers had to unpack and repack every box and every item. Good thing we spent so much time packing everything carefully way back in July! The only panic I had during the move was when walked back in the basement and one mover was wrapping and packing picture frames. I realized that right next to where she was sitting, leaning against the wall, was a pile of my friend's picture frames. "Oh, no! You didn't grab any from this wall, did you?" She said she hadn't, but I'm not sold. I'm sorry ahead of time to my friends for anything we inadvertently shipped to the other side of the world! Guess you'll see it in two years :)

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  1. I was just reading through the blog and got to this post! I feel like the Irish revolutionary pictures would have been fantastic in your home in Nepal.