Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dadeldhura, Far West Nepal

We left Kathmandu yesterday morning around 10:30 and drove to the airport. Delayed flight due to weather (whether it was weather at the destination or in Kathmandu, they never told us). We finally left 3.5 hours after the scheduled time, and took the 1:15 flight to Dhangadi airport in the terrai of far west Nepal. A car was waiting to take us the 4 hour journey up into the hills. We stopped for a snack around 6, knowing it would be late by the time we got in. I was glad the sun went down - the treacherous curves and the long drop down weren't helping with the car sickness that was creeping up on me.

It was dark by the time we got in, close to 9 o'clock. The kitchen was closed, and it was cold, but with my down sleeping bag and little camping pillow, I was cozy and quickly asleep.

When I stepped out of my room in the morning on to the deck, the view took my breath away. A light mist hung between the mountain ridges, and in the distance, snow-capped peaks rose high into the morning light.

I was brought a warm cup of Nepali spiced chia and an omelet as I watched the sun rise. We will be in Dadeldhura until Friday, training vaccinators to use the electronic record system for children's vaccines. I'm looking forward to spending the week with such wonderful views, enjoying Nepali dal bhat, and the fresh mountain air!


  1. Gorgeous mountain air…unlike Kathmandu!

  2. It's always nice to breathe some fresh air outside the Valley!