Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sindhupalchok District

I recently had a chance to visit Sindhupalchok District to see some of the water/sanitation/hygiene activities that we have been involved in. We had the opportunity to sit with community members to discuss health in their community, and what obstacles they have been facing since the earthquake. From the beautiful scenery to the complete destruction of villages, we felt the contrast of our environment. Temporary learning centers had been built to house the many schoolchildren whose schools had collapsed. Piles of plastic pipe sat waiting for communities to repair their damaged water systems. And old Nepali typewriter sat half overgrown with flowers. The town center of the Chautara region follows a narrow ridge. Building teetered precariously over the edge and the land below them gave way.


  1. Amelia, thanks for sharing what you are seeing on the ground.

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  3. Your clarity of vision is so powerful, Miss Amelia. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Louise. This country is just - leaves me speechless, the beauty of it!