Monday, August 10, 2015

Lamjung District

We just got back from a field visit to Lamjung District, one of the most pleasant and beautiful districts I have visited. We were there doing a Barrier Analysis: looking at barriers to using chlorine for water treatment in households. We spent two long days training enumerators, then two more days visiting households. The interviews were private - we didn't want influences like in-laws answering the questions or not getting the real answers ("Who disapproves of you using chlorine?"). The conclusions? Overall, access to chlorine was a barrier for users and non-users, and family members approval played a large role as well. Interestingly, cost didn't seem to matter that much.

Ready for field visits.
Conducting household interviews.
Farmers in beautiful Chakratirtha Valley.
Chakratirtha Valley, Lamjung District
Besisahar Valley
Sun-dried tomatoes
Baby chicks!
Baby goat, the cutest thing in the world!

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