Wednesday, October 14, 2015


In October, one of the biggest Nepali festivals, Dashain, is celebrated, and most people take off the whole month. Coincidentally, it's also the nicest time of year - the rains have stopped, the air is clean, the evenings cool and a nice pleasant daytime temperature. We had planned to do the Annapurna Basecamp Trek during the holiday, but given the current fuel crisis, and uncertainty of being able to return to Kathmandu (or get medical evacuated by helicopter, if necessary), T and I decided it was best not to go. Out of nowhere and very last minute, we booked a ticket to Europe - Venice, Slovenia and Croatia. I had never been to Italy, so Venice was a nice treat (we're waiting to do the whole Italy tour for when some friends can come). We mistakenly didn't check the weather, and much of our trip was rainy, but we still ventured out and explored each country. What an amazing trip! (More to come in the following posts)

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