Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Postojnska Caves, Slovenia

Slovenia (and Croatia) are defined by karst topography, where rocks like limestone wear away and dissolve after years of water erosion, leaving sinkholes, massive caves, and huge stalagmites/tites. One massive cave, Postojnska, in southern Slovenia, has been turned into a tourist destination (and a pretty cool one). For a steep price (€23), a train takes you deep inside the cave (the train reminds me of those that they have at Disney World). A series of concrete pathways weave through the cave's chambers, and lights illuminate the cave's features from all angles. Having studied geology in school (Santa Cruz is also defined by karst topography), I wish I could have had a more technical conversation about the formation of the caves, and current changes, but it was still an amazing sight.

When we entered the caves, we passed through a little turnstile where we scanned our tickets. Immediately after the turnstile was an official photographer taking unsuspecting photos of people entering. Really a weird place, because most people were looking down, frowning, face half-covered in a face mask, and generally looking pretty terrible. I saw it coming, so I made a really attractive smile. T wanted to hide from the camera, so half-covered his face. I didn't want to pay the €8 for the photo, so I just took a picture. Forever in memories

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